Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More GOP Budget Comedy

Most budget experts don’t put much stock in ten-year  projections.  But Republicans are nothing if not resourceful. 

In consultation with Sylvia Browne and the ghost of Edgar Cayce, they’re going out seventy years.  Josh Marshall shares their handy-dandy chart with us:


Problem solved! Marshall notes:

As you can see, predicting ideological stances over as yet unborn Democratic members of Congress, the GOP scoring appears to have us on track for the government owning about 90% of the economy in the early-mid-22nd century, which if I remember is about the time period of the invention of the warp drive. So I don’t know if they’ve figured that in too.

Is that Traficant guy still around?  I need him to say “Beam me up!”

Note: Extrapolating from the chart, by 2080 Democratic spending will be infinity to the infinitieth power dollars. (Based on today’s CBO numbers.)  So start getting yourself a good hedge on inflation, ASAP.



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