Posted by: Rick | Friday, April 3, 2009

How I’ll Know When The Recession Is Ending

One of my hobbies is collecting inexpensive wristwatches (less than $300) that I think are cool.  I get them online or from one of the television shopping channels.

Of course the mark-ups are high, but right now vendors are giving this stuff away.  They’re terrified of losing customers or getting stuck with inventory.

When I see an uptick in prices — or when I buy another watch! —  I’ll know we’ve turned the corner. 

Personally, I think it’ll be by late summer/early fall.



  1. How are we supposed to take this blog seriously if this is the extent of your economic sophistication? Buying watches on the QVC network…. I’m concerned that these written thoughts will influence naive young voters.

    I’m concerned about the socialist state that is being created by the Obama regime. He is putting into action the start of a brain drain from the USA. Leaders of industry cannot be controlled by government. That is what is coming…finance, manufacturing, medicine, etc…. What’s next?

    All for now comrade!

  2. To quote the great Warren Oates from the great movie “Stripes”–

    Lighten up, Francis!


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