Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Republican Fearmongering Team: Worthless and Weak!

FOX News is deploying Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich to question Barack Obama’s manhood and to issue dire warnings that if our government stops torturing people, Hugo Chavez will be emboldened to nuke us.

I hope the Administration isn’t afraid of these fat fucks. Aside from being really, really unpopular, they’re just a bunch of Neidermeyers.  (Of course, none of these world-class draft avoiders ever got near an M16).

Cue Twisted Sister:

Addendum:  Bill O’Reilly nearly busted a blood vessel last night on The Factor when a supposedly torture-loving guest failed to deliver the goods.  O’Reilly got left hanging out to dry a few times, and he was royally pissed off.  It was all very amusing, but you had to feel sorry for The Falafel’s producer.  She undoubtedly received a good tongue-lashing (though not a literal one, I hope) from her frustrated boss.



  1. Last night Lawrence O’Donnell made a good point about how during the Cheney interview Hannity referred to Chavez as a dictator even though he was elected by the people of Venezuela and called Hannity an idiot. Of course Cheney did not correct it. I also saw someone else refer to him as a dictator but I cannot remember who. It is not just Hannity who the idiot about this, it is many people who believe in this ignorant, neoconservative nonsense.


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