Posted by: Rick | Saturday, April 25, 2009

Should Hannity Get Waterboarded?

Yes, but not by Charles Grodin.  That’s like putting him in a steel cage with Richard Simmons.  Professional waterboarders would perform the operation a lot more . . . professionally.

Hannity knows this.  Watch him at 1:01.  He’s scared shitless:

Whatever Oliver North told Sean about the actual experience of being waterboarded sure must have been intense.  He probably made it sound a lot like torture.

I have no particular desire to turn on my TV to see Sean Hannity whimpering on a gurney like some poor bastard from Saw, but why shouldn’t the big doofus do a little firsthand reporting on his favorite issue? He’s the one loudly insisting that simulated drowning is no big deal.  It’s just “enhanced interrogation.”  Like a ride at Disney World.

Even if the Hannity torture spectacle devolves into a sickening freak show, doesn’t the man owe it to the wingnuts — and to history — to defend the sullied honor of the Bush Regime and the legitimacy of its War on Terror?

Viva Cheney!



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