Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wingnut Time-Warp

I’ve been a devotee of House Republican “Special Orders” ever since Newt Gingrich shoehorned his way into the party leadership in the nineties by making ridiculous (if timely) speeches after 10:00 pm nightly on C-SPAN.

And I’m now pleased to inform my vast readership that today’s GOP stosstruppen are still regurgitating Newt’s golden oldies — minus, of course, The Master’s trademark incendiary vocabulary — on the House floor just before closing time.

Are they out of touch?  Are they not addressing the concerns of the people? You betcha!

Watch ’em yourself.  If you’re a liberal Democratic partisan, you’ll feel pretty damn good.



  1. good old C-Span.


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