Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bill O’Reilly Thinks I’m Stupid

Maybe I am, but I know how to use Google. 

I just watched Bill “interview” a hapless stooge named Fernando Villalonga, the “consul general” of Spain.  It seems the Spanish government has been saying mean things about the Bush regime. 

But who is “Fernando Villalonga”?  Damned if I know.  Google him yourself.  Bill might as well have been beating up on Fernando Valenzuela.  (For the record, O’Reilly has graciously decided not to call for an American boycott of Spanish imports.  Like anybody cares.)

Bill probably figured his audience would conflate “Fernando Villalonga” with that legal titan “Alberto Gonzales.”  And Senor Villalonga played his part well.  His dumb-ass bumbling made Bill look like Clarence Darrow.  But it was all a little  — okay, a lot — fake.

O’Reilly still has the highest rated show on FOX News, but his shtick is getting tired and weak.  That’s why they’re grooming the much dumber — but equally loud — Glenn Beck to fill Bill’s falafel.

Wingnut devolution at its finest.



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