Posted by: Rick | Thursday, June 25, 2009

Full Circle: Mark Sanford and Mr. Hyde

If you’re too young to have suffered through the Clinton-Lewinski madness of the nineties – if hearing names like Michael Isikoff, David Schippers and Kathleen Willey doesn’t ring the tinny bell of disingenuous conservative sleazemongering in your mind’s ear – you can’t fully experience the delicious schadenfreude the rest of us lefties are enjoying as we witness the immolation of “Republican Family Values [sic]” in the unforgiving blast furnace of right-wing hypocrisy.

So now, as a public service to a bewildered Generation Zed, please allow me to introduce the late Representative Henry M. Hyde (R-IL) — white-maned ringmaster of the House Impeachment Circus — in all his inglorious glory. He is truly The Zeus of Immortal Hypocrites:

Snodgrass says Hyde carried on a five-year sexual relationship with his then-wife, Cherie, that shattered his family. Hyde admitted to Salon Wednesday that he had been involved with Cherie Snodgrass, and that the relationship ended after Hyde’s wife found out about it. At the time of the affair, which lasted from 1965 to 1969, Fred Snodgrass was a furniture salesman in Chicago, and his wife was a beauty stylist. They had three small children, two girls and a boy. Hyde, then 41 years old, was a lawyer and rising star in Republican state politics. In 1966, he was elected for the first time to the Illinois House. Hyde was married and the father of four sons. (His wife, Jeanne Hyde, died of breast cancer in 1992, after a 45-year marriage.)

“Cherie was young and naive at the time,” said a Snodgrass family intimate. “She was a glamour queen with three young kids, stuck at home. Then this Prince Charming guy, Hyde, comes along. She was very impressed with him. He was 12 years older, he was a hotshot, he knew everyone downtown. She had nothing, and he comes along, shows her off, she was young and beautiful.”

Republican, 1998:  “If you can’t trust a man in his own marriage, you can’t trust him with the people’s business!”

Republican, 2009:  “Whatever. . . But did I tell you the Democrat Party is full of SOCIALISTS!”

Pretty soon we’ll be hearing that it’s time to “move on.”  Not so fast, cowboy.  Nothing is over till we say it’s over.



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