Posted by: Rick | Friday, July 3, 2009

FOX News On Sarah Palin Bombshell: More Darn Chyron Foul-Ups!

On Neal Cavuto’s show — hosted today by the always hysterical Stuart Varney — the text on the bottom of the screen keeps reading “ALASKAN GOV. SARAH PALIN WILL NOT SEEK RE-ELECTION.”

Uh . . . not really, Stuart . . . SHE’S EFFING QUITTING NOW!

Clearly FOX doesn’t want to unnecessarily upset its die-hard Palin-ite audience.  Maybe they figure if they don’t tell them she’s quitting, the wingnuts won’t find out and shoot the messenger!



  1. CNN originally aired the comment that she would not seek re-election then said she was resigning. I am guessing CNN did not have the facts in. I do not watch Fox at all but I am guessing there is going to be some major whining about how horribly she has been treated and had to resign. But she has to take responsibility for SOMETHING and that is the one thing that bothers me about her. Not really her political views or anything like that but that she blames everything on someone else.

  2. FOX continued to show the misleading Chyron on their 5:00 PM show — long after Palin’s shocking RESIGNATION had become the REAL bombshell story.

    I’m actually not a Palin hater. She’s no worse than any other Republican. I’m just continually amazed at how FOX coddles the wingnuts. It’s like they’re afraid of them.


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