Posted by: Rick | Sunday, July 5, 2009

Patriots To The Left Of Me —

I got into a tussle yesterday with Paul Rosenberg at Open Left over his efforts to definine a “progressive patriotism.”  It’s a close call, but I don’t think liberals should be picking that particular fight with conservatives.  (Not that we shouldn’t come out with guns blazing if they question our patriotism.  Then it’s war.)

To proactively stake out “progressive” territory on the battlefield of patriotism seems to me counterproductive — because many people who call themselves “conservative” aren’t wingnuts

These folks may well be persuadable on certain key progressive issues — they might even be tempted into leaving the Dark Side completely! — even as they’re turned off  by left-wingers preaching to them about what’s required to be deemed a Patriotic American.  (I wouldn’t much blame them for ignoring the Rosenberg Imperative.)

Let me put it this way: If some halfway decent “conservative” gets fed up with the rotten American status quo and decides he wants a single-payer health care system — but he also chooses to define patriotism as “John Wayne at Iwo Jima” — then all I can say is —

Semper Fi!




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