Posted by: Rick | Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes! Bipartisanship Lite!

This could be the key to neutering the Republicans — and their Blue Dog fellow travelers — on health care:

White House officials said they had a new standard for bipartisanship: the number of Republican ideas incorporated in the legislation, rather than the number of Republican votes for a Democratic bill. Mr. Obama said the health committee bill “includes 160 Republican amendments,” and he said that was “a hopeful sign of bipartisan support for the final product.”

Republicans said many of those amendments were technical, and they were scathing in their criticism of the bill approved by the health committee.  [Emphasis added]

I think we hit a nerve.  Let’s get every Democrat to start talking about those 160 amendments.  ( “What more do Republicans want?”)  The media loves numbers, especially phony ones.  They’ll eat it up with a spoon, while we pass a good health care bill right under the noses of Chuck Grassley and the other insurance goons.



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