Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are Wingnuts Getting The Leaders They Deserve?

I heard Glenn Beck do this live, and it was pretty creepy:

I couldn’t quite tell if it was radio shtick, or if Glenn was actually going off the deep end. But one thing was certain — he really didn’t want to answer this lady’s question.  His meltdown was neither funny nor enlightening.

Make no mistake — Glenn Beck is the undisputed leader of the modern conservative movement in America.  (Rush Limbaugh’s time has past.)  Speaking as as a loyal viewer of the old Firing Line, I’m glad Bill Buckley isn’t around to observe the intellectual caliber of his latest heir.  He wouldn’t be amused.



  1. Sad to see Glenn so oblivious to the healthcare issue. I was wondering what happened to the crazy Glenn of pouring gasoline on his guests or playing with dead fish etc.


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