Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blue Dog Nightmares and Washington Man-Dates: A Rant

David Brooks can’t possibly be this stupid:

Who’s going to stop this leftward surge?  Months ago, it seemed as if Obama would lead a center-left coalition.  Instead, he has deferred to the Old Bulls on Capitol Hill on issue after issue. . . .

That leaves matters in the hands of the Blue Dog Democrats. These brave moderates are trying to restrain the fiscal explosion.  But moderates inherently lack seniority (they are from swing districts).  They are usually bought off by leadership at the end of the day.

And so here we are again.  Every new majority overinterprets its mandate.  We’ve been here before. We’ll be here again.  [Emphasis added]

All hail the brave fucking moderates!  That’s beyond comical.  I won’t waste my time on such beltway imbecility, except to link you to this photograph of a Blue Dog Democrat in his natural habitat.

As for Brooks’ “mandate” bullshit, allow me to employ my digital crayon and explain things so even a pundit might understand:

A Republican president — if  he manages to ooze enough testosterone to get the Washington media weenies hyperventilating — is given a mandate by the Establishment.  This mandate is accompanied by a fusillade of sonorous op-eds declaring that America is a conservative nation and that Democrats better get in line or get run over.   The emboldened Republican then goes on a rampage through the political system like General Sherman through Georgia, pillaging and plundering, packing the courts with radicals, cutting taxes for his friends and benefactors, starting needless wars, and finally, in a shamelessly hypocritical attempt to bury the cost of his wasteful misrule, maxing out the national debt.  All of this occurs with nary a peep of protest from the likes of David Brooks.

At the end of a few miserable years, when even the media whores can no longer stomach the god-awful mess the Republicans have overseen, the people demand — and get — a change.  But woe to the Democratic president-elect who then follows the advice of the pundits.  Barack Obama has tried to behave like an obedient little bipartisan, and what has it gotten him?  His enemies — yes, the Republicans — are still calling him a socialist, and their wingnut shock troops are still questioning his citizenship.  Had he tossed them a few more supply-side tax cuts in his watered-down stimulus bill, would they be nicer to him now?  How much  premature capitulation is enough, Mr. Brooks?

An open letter from me to the next Democrat in the White House:

Dear President ________,

If you insist on pursuing a “bipartisan” strategy,  please don’t attempt it before firmly establishing some inviolable territory of your own.  If you fail to do so, your enemies won’t respect you, the media won’t respect you, and — ultimately — the voters won’t respect you.

You’ll just be an all-day sucker with a nice resume.

It must be a hell of a lot easier to be a Republican.  Don’t think, don’t worry — just go in for the kill.



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