Posted by: Rick | Monday, July 27, 2009

Outfoxing the Right-Wing Centrists

As you can clearly see (well, maybe not clearly) in this Hubble Deep Field image, the universe is expanding:


Although the galaxies appear to be moving away from each other, this is something of an illusion.  In reality, space itself is expanding.  Galaxies are simply along for the ride.

Such “relativity” has an analogue in what has happened in the American political landscape over the past forty years.  Republicans managed to move “the center” so far to the right that it’s difficult to accomplish anything sensible. 

Blue Dogs Democrats and their ilk — at least the ones who aren’t straight-up conservatives — believe in nothing except their own careers.  They attempt to stand as close to the Republican flame as they can without getting burned.  That’s the Blue Dog way of staying in office, so don’t waste your time trying to convert them.  Instead, the goal of progressives should be to shift the ground under their feet so it’s safe for them to be real Democrats.  Even more than most politicians, a Blue Dog will say anything to get elected, and be happy to do so.  Moving “the center” back to the left has to be a national effort led by our allegedly progressive President — and so far, Barack Obama has been egregiously AWOL. 

Richard Nixon, the liberal bete noire of his time, was Che Guevara by today’s standards.  He imposed wage and price controls, oversaw the creation of an effective EPA, and proclaimed himself a Keynesian.  Ah, the good old days!

It’s long past time for a left-wing Big Bang.



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