Posted by: Rick | Monday, July 27, 2009

The Key to Obama

I posted a brief comment last night at Open Left that I can’t seem to improve upon:

Obama refused to fall out of love with his electoral strategy (4.00/3)

The “post-partisan” bullshit was brilliant.  It allowed him to leap-frog over Hillary Clinton — the ultimate partisan symbol — and then to win a general election in which even Dennis Kucinich might have been competitive.   (The Democratic nomination was the whole ball game.)

In January, Obama should have begun pivoting to a more confrontational approach.  At that time, the media would have provided him with plenty of cover.  Now — not so much.

It’s troubling that Obama might have believed he could work with Republicans.  (Where has he been?)  He should have been trying to redefine “the center” while the media was still in stenography mode.

I have nothing to add this morning.



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