Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Virtuous Bribery

Congress Critters are a spineless bunch, and re-election is always at the top of their agenda.  They’ll never put the country ahead of naked self-interest.  (This is even more true in an atrocious economy.  Politicians aren’t anxious to lose their cushy jobs.)

Given such eternal verities, it’s now carrot-and-stick time for President Obama on health care.  He needs to start telling Democrats how they have to vote while he outlines the unpleasant consequences of voting wrong.  As part of his presentation, he’ll make it clear that a certain amount of federal largess will flow into the districts of members who see the light.

Pork-barrel spending gets an undeservedly bad rap.  I’d like to see more of it, not less.  It’s chump change in the overall budget, and it’s often the only way to get the cowards in the caucus to do the right thing.

This is how historic changes must be made in the real world.  You’ll go to your grave — uninsured — waiting for profiles in courage.



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