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Republicans: Channeling Travis Bickle

Arlen Specter may have to beef up his security detail:

One woman prompted a standing ovation by telling Specter:  “I don’t believe this is just health care. This is about the systematic dismantling of this country. . . . I don’t want this country turning into Russia, turning into a socialized country.  What are you going to do to restore this country back to what our founders created, according to the Constitution?”

Conservative standing O’s certainly come cheap these days.  If Specter had cleared the hall of every hypocritical wingnut currently sucking on a Washington teat (i.e. the fat-ass Republican recipients of Social Security checks and Medicare subsidies), he might have conducted an intelligent meeting.

But let’s face it.  These people are angry, well-armed morons led by insecure charlatans like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly — charlatans ultimately in the thrall of amoral Republican politicians like John Boehner.

No good can come of this.

Update: The paranoid woman in question just did an interview with Sean “81 IQ” Hannity.  She did not distinguish herself, admitting that she was so excited to regurgitate Glenn Beck’s bullshit that she didn’t hear Senator Specter’s response.  No biggie, though.

A star is born!



  1. Thank God you still have your free speech but in the process of voicing your opinion you gloss over some historical facts, some of which come from notable Democrats.

    You will, undoubtedly, point out Hillary made those shrill comments in 2002, while reflecting on some dissenting comments from the right. … a voice of one to two. In light of the numbers across the country who are dissenting now, I wonder how loud and shrill her message would be today.

    For every hypocritical “wingnut” currently sucking on a Washington teat or fat-ass Republican recipients of Social Security checks and Medicare subsidiesm, you conveniently ignore the fact there are an equal number of fat-ass democrats on the government dole as well.

    While you flippantly label good-intentioned Americans as being “well armed morons” in spite of your fact-less based bias you still managed to make an accurate observation based on fact; these are angry Americans. They have every right to be. If you were paying attention to the arrogance of these elected officials, you would be too.

    The no good that is coming our of this is coming from you and others of your ilk who continue with the tired, thoughtless and one dimensional tactic designed to chide, belittle, berate, ridicule, besmirch, chastise and lambaste Americans who are genuinely concerned for their well-being.

    This concern is born from years of observing a government with an abismal track record of running Medicare, Medicaid, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the Postal Service, just to name a few.

    To be clear, what America is arguing about is less to do with getting a national health care plan and more to do with the intrusion into our medical lives.

    Let’s do this; let’s first get congress and federal employees off their private health care plans which are heavily subsidized by American taxpayers. They have a choice of 10 health care plans that provide access to a national network of doctors as well as several HMOs that serve each member’s home state. By contrast 85 percent of private companies offering health coverage provide their employees only one type of plan. Take it, or leave it.

    Until we get congress to eat the same dog food they serve us, they will never empathize with the under-insured or those lacking insurance. They will never see the need to read the bills they pass for the rest of the country to live and die by while they enjoy their own enhanced health care package at our expense.

    American tax payers spend $15-billion in 2008 to insure 8.5 million federal workers.

    Then, instead of passing bills they never read, maybe we should get our elected officials to dig into the hospital system and investigate $20.00 aspirin tablets or $700.00 per day hospital bed costs.

    In other words, let’s get government to clean up the crap they created, make it work as intended in the first place, learn from it, then come back and talk about incremental change which builds a sensible national health care plan Americans can live with.

  2. Q. E. D.

    Have the courage of your convictions. Get Boehner and Sarah Palin to advocate the abolition of Medicare — the greatest socialist program in America (except for maybe the V. A. and Social Security!) — and see how far that gets you.

    I repeat — any wingnut who rails against “big government” while he or his parents are living off it is an ignorant hypocrite.

  3. Have you read the Bill. Spector hasn’t,. When he was read a portion of the bill. He said it was a mis representation of the truth. God help. So fool I guess I am wing nut too just like you.

  4. There has been a great deal of talk in the media — print, radio, tv — just about everywhere about the behavior and tactics being employed by various organizations. There have been comments about well behaved and polite citizenry attending meetings to voice their opinions. There have been stories of those who haven’t conducted themselves well. I suspect these stories will go on throughout the month of August and perhaps beyond. For one, I hope they do go on well beyond.

    I think both sides have taken essentially the same tactics. Labeling each other with invectives, giving their supporters a ‘playbook’, and attempting to use the media to their advantage. All of this is okay. It is okay because in America we have the right to freedom of speech, assembly and freedom of the press. These are rights that thousands have given their lives to protect. The debate on health care which consumes nearly a fifth of the national economy and involves everyone is something that we should openly debate and understand the intended and unintended consequences of before we change an entire system.

    It is important to provide better access, bend the cost curve so that health care is affordable (and not just through shifting costs by taxing) as well as sustainable, and improving the quality of the care delivered.

    We are a country that leads the world in health care innovation. We have to zealously protect that aspect. No other country in the world is positioned to take our place if we take our eye off this important work.

    But above all democracy demands that citizens get involved and voice their opinions. Follow the healthcare debate and other important health care system issues at

  5. Lame astroturf. Yuck.


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