Posted by: Rick | Thursday, August 13, 2009

Go Back To Sleep, Katy

Just because somebody starts a media ruckus with a paranoid rant about the country being “dismantled” and going Russian doesn’t mean we have to respect her subsequent pontificating.

Katy Abram — the “sleeping giant” of American Conservatism —  has apparently concluded that Obama should abolish Medicare and Social Security.  Now I appreciate her wingnut consistency (would that John Boehner displayed Katy’s political cojones), but something tells me she hasn’t really thought this through.

Ms. Abram seems to view the founding fathers as radical libertarians unalterably opposed to “big government.”  Is she then prepared to mollify their heartless spirits by volunteering to pick up the tab for her own elderly kinfolk’s medical care?  Hmmm . . . Socialism might not be so bad after all!

The health care debate isn’t a moronic FOX propaganda show.  People like Katy Abram should be asking polite questions — and shutting up otherwise! — until they’re better informed.  To regurgitate Sean Hannity’s talking points is to invite ridicule.  Even he gets tangled up in the nonsensical right-wing bullshit.  (Of course, Sean’s not exactly Stephen Hawking.)

Nobody is forced to go on television and look stupid, Katy.  Hannity gets paid for it.  He can handle the job without your help.



  1. Jon Stewart did a bit on his show last night about her. When Hannity asked her if she thought Specter gave her a good answer she said she was so upset and flustered she did not even listen to his response and Stewart said Fox News told her “Great! When can you start?” I saw her interview on MSNBC and she does not seem very well informed. Seemed like she is looking at things way too simply. If social security and medicare are not american and every congressperson and president has supported them, then they would all not be proper americans to the founders. Of course I do not think she will say that. She will just say Obama is not what the founders wanted.

  2. Any reson you guys can’t just pick up the phone and call each other? It may reduce a little of the non sense on the internet. Of course, I’m sure you’re just paying homage to the inventor of the internet, idol and liberal democrat Al “world wide web” Gore.

    I’m just surprised at the amount of venom on this blog…..

    You may do well to start getting your news from Fox.

    • Sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities, but I’m doing the best I can here.

      If Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity promise to stop lying, I promise to stop criticizing their sycophants.


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