Posted by: Rick | Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Tool Shed

The most dangerous kind of Republican politician isn’t the bomb-throwing wingnut (Newt Gingrich) or the mentally challenged blowhard (James Inhofe).  It’s the allegedly “reasonable” GOP tool like Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.  Here’s the Chuckster on Obama as euthanizer-in-chief:

“If you’ve got a government-run health-care program and you have crowding out, and then you go to a Canadian-style plan and everyone starts studying what England does … when you couple this with all of other fears people have and what they do in England, then you get the idea that somebody is going to decide Grandma has lived too long,” Grassley said in response, not quite batting down the inaccurate claim, nor backing it.  [Emphasis added.]

As part of a long-term progressive strategy, we need to get Democrats to stop praising spineless political hacks like Grassley for their “bipartisanship.”  Because when push comes to shove, there’s little difference between “moderate” tools like Lindsey Graham and the most reprehensible Glenn Beck-ian thug.

The inmates are running the Republican asylum.  The public needs to know that.



  1. I agree, and I think we’re starting to see reports that back up those claims. The President, however, must appear to reach out to all Americans – that’s his job.


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