Posted by: Rick | Thursday, August 27, 2009

Defining Kennedy

Amidst all the classless Teddy-bashing yesterday, Rush Limbaugh revealed — in his usual bone-headed manner — what the right wing is so afraid of.

Limbaugh was shocked at the prospect of Democrats “using” the outpouring of emotion following Kennedy’s death to jump-start their effort to reform health care.  As if the Senator himself wouldn’t approve wholeheartedly!  Ted Kennedy cared only about results.  He wouldn’t be squeamish about how his allies used his legacy, as long as it worked.

But therein lies a problem.  Rush Limbaugh can say what he wants.  The more nonsense he spouts, the better for our side.  But what evils run through the twisted cortex of the Beltway Media Borg?  How will it try to use Ted Kennedy?

Beware, my friends, the siren song of the Washington Democrat, a hopelessly corrupt and self-serving species whose avatar is Chris Matthews.  Though these hacks may sometimes speak fondly of Kennedy the liberal lion, their real hero is Kennedy the deal-maker.  And now that he’s gone, they’re feeling free to morph him into Joe Lieberman.

“At some point, somebody has to cut this diamond,” said Matthews on Morning Joe today.  Translation:  For God’s sake — for Teddy’s sake! — you Democrats better start compromising your asses off!

Chris Matthews and his ilk believe in nothing except their concept of an orderly political process in Washington.  They can’t conceive of Democrats — who are, after all, in the majority — actually passing a bill without the permission of Mitch McConnell. (Of course, bipartisanship is never required when Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush are jamming tax cuts and wars down our collective throats.  Republicans have mandates.  Democrats have. . . Olympia Snowe.)

Filter out the noise, people.  Ted Kennedy was first a liberal, and then a deal-maker.  Don’t let the media hacks rewrite history to please their corporate masters.



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