Posted by: Rick | Friday, August 28, 2009

Check, Please?

If Harry Reid’s pathetic spaghetti spine embodies the future of the Democratic Party in a post-Kennedy era, I’m through with the bastards.

It’s not over yet, but the good guys better win this thing.  If not, then Reid, Obama and Conrad might as well get a room together in Idaho and plot the future of a second Republican Party.

Maybe Ralph Nader has been right all along.  Fuck the Democrats, let the country go down the tubes, and then provide a real alternative to Reid-ism.

Some people just aren’t cut out to be leaders.  We seem to be hip-deep in them these days, at least on the left.



  1. I thought you were on vacation?

    Just a comment on leaders.

    America has stopped developing leaders. Children are spoon fed through elementary school, diapers are still being changed by mom in middle school, shortly thereafter dad is buying junior a new car for high school, parents invest 200k in junior’s college education while he’s smoking pot, banging sorority girls, and bringing home D+ grades. Actually, probably not banging anyone and still doesn’t have a job so junior can’t afford the pot…still getting D+ grades. After 5 years and an undergraduate degree in recreation junior moves back home and gets a job at dad’s country club behind the bar. And so it goes….

    Flash forward 20 years into the future and what do you have? The future leadership of the democratic party? Harry Reid, Jr? Someone looking for free healthcare? A great American leader?

    • I have — so far — little use for Harry Reid, but I wouldn’t put your list of evils on his plate. Ronald Reagan — unfortunately — is the most societally influential politician of the past thirty years. Talk to his ghost.

      I just want Reid and the Democrats to play hardball like LBJ — or even Mitch McConnell, for God’s sake.

  2. Did you get a chance to visit Chappaquiddick while vacationing on Cape Cod? Given the news in Camelot, it would seem only proper.

    • No, but I’ve been there on previous trips. It’s a very strange place. Hard to describe — and very desolate. (They filmed Jaws on Martha’s Vineyard. Think Jaws with a lot more sand and no people.)


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