Posted by: Rick | Friday, August 28, 2009

The Tinfoil Hatmen

As a performer, Glenn Beck is William Shatner on steroids, minus the knowing, self-deprecating humor. 

Has this guy turned SERIOUS or what?  For Glenn’s sake, I hope his new routine is just shtick for the masses.  If he acted like this on television in 1955, he’d have been an excellent candidate for an emergency lobotomy.

Fortunately for his ratings, Beck’s sternly crazed persona meshes perfectly with the bizarre content of his rants.  I watched his show last night, and although I have only the vaguest idea of what he was talking about, I must admit that it might easily have intrigued — and frightened — his intellectually defenseless viewership.

According to Beck, Barack Obama is a Manchurian President beholden to a mysterious network of granola-eating, animal-loving, socialistic Bilderbergers, a network coordinated by the evil geniuses at ACORN (or is it SMERSH?), with all of its members wholly dedicated to the enslavement (via the implacable, iron boot of Obama’s newly created Praetorian Guard) of the sons and daughters of America’s Brave Heartland.  Or something like that.  It’s hard to tell, because Beck never sticks to one loony element of his grand conspiracy long enough for us to get a handle on its particulars.

We’ve seen this movie before, kids.  It was in the nineties, when the right wing could find no nefarious anti-American plot that didn’t bear the grimy fingerprints of the vile Bill Clinton or his evil bride, Hillary.  Of course, none of their increasingly preposterous accusations could withstand the least bit of scrutiny — which is why they continued to make so many of them.  Their target audience — angry  wingnuts — were always in need of fresh reasons to rationalize their hate.  The more lies, the better.

Today’s right-wing leaders need to oppose health care reform, but they have no coherent ideas of their own.  (They rarely do.)  Since they have nothing to contribute to an honest debate, they have little choice but to pass out the tinfoil hats to their foot soldiers.  Let a thousand conspiracies bloom!  Our wingnut hordes will swallow just about anything — and like it.

(Note:  Last night, Glenn Beck promised to issue a battle plan for the faithful on his next show.  Sounds like must-see TV!)



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