Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reconciliation Blues

Oh, No!  The majority might actually rule:

I don’t think a public option will be part of a final package,” [Republican Senator Bob] Corker said. “While I think certainly the president will mention that in a speech Wednesday night, I do not think it’s going to be a part of a plan that passes unless it’s done through reconciliation, which to me is not the route to go.”

The controversial legislative maneuver Corker referred to — reconciliation — would allow Democrats to pass a reform bill with only 51 votes in the Senate rather than the usual requirement of 60.  [Emphasis added]

Controversial?  Give me a break.  “Good-government” hand-wringers didn’t have a problem with reconciliation when Bush was ramming through his disastrous tax cuts.  But now, apparently, the voters are going to storm the barricades of Congress if BOB FREAKING CORKER has to sit at the health care kiddie table!  (News Flash: HIS PARTY LOST!)

This “controversy” is entirely a Washington creation.   Nobody not personally acquainted with Norm Ornstein cares about it.  And Democrats need to stop legitimizing the concern. Man up, ladies and gentlemen, and just do the right thing. 

The people might finally stop seeing you as chickenshit wimps.



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