Posted by: Rick | Thursday, September 10, 2009

Department of “Embarrassing”

Martin Peretz is the worst (and the most hilariously pompous) “writer”  in America.  I used to pay regular visits to his vanity blog at The New Republic to see how many sentences I could read before finding a comic gem.  It was never very many.

I happened to stumble onto “The Spine” today and am pleased to report that Marty still delivers the boffo yucks.  Here he is weighing in on the Van Jones controversy:

Now, the get-go began with Glenn Beck.  I am not embarrassed to confess that until this ideological donnybrook broke out I’d never ever even heard of Glenn Beck.  You see, I don’t watch FOX.  But, then, I don’t watch any television.

Good for you, Marty!  You keep on preening like one of the useless dunderheads in Annie Hall.  But if you’ve really never heard of Glenn Beck (and color me skeptical), you really shouldn’t be commenting on contemporary American politics.

So check out Marty’s blog, dear readers.  You won’t believe how ridiculous it is.  (Warning: Peretz takes a dim view of certain ethnic groups.  Don’t get on his bad side.)



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