Posted by: Rick | Friday, September 11, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Plays Hardball

Joe (“You Lie!”) Wilson can be the gift that keeps on giving:

MSNBC is reporting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will hold a vote early next week on whether to censure Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), unless he apologizes on the House floor for heckling the President.

Josh Marshall takes awhile to finally get it:

There is one other thought that occurs to me though.  Given how many the tea-bagging right has rallied around Wilson, I don’t think many House Republicans want to have that vote.  They don’t want to vote to censure him.  On the other hand, voting in support of him would be a little troubling for a lot of voters too.  So maybe there’s better politics to this than I thought.

Bingo!  Was that so hard?  Democrats need to learn to walk and chew gum at the same time.  Take the high road on policy, but NEVER miss an opportunity to make life difficult for John Boehner.

Republican wingnuts can easily be made TOXICTheir behavior — if properly showcased — will disgust the women and frighten the horses. 

By now, this should be part of our liberal DNA.


In a video posted on his campaign Web site, [Joe Wilson] said he let his emotions get away from him during Obama’s speech but added, “I will not be muzzled.  I will speak up and speak loudly.”

Wilson said his critics want to use the incident to silence opponents of health care reform.

“I need your help now,” he said, soliciting donations.

Bring it on, douchebag!



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