Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ed Anger Lives!

I used to love picking up the old Weekly World News in the checkout line and reading Ed Anger’s column.  I just found out that WWN has a website (it’s in color, unfortunately), and Ed is still kicking butt.  Here he is on Joe Wilson:

Joe Wilson is my new hero! He’s like Paul Revere without the horse, or Patton without the potty mouth, or Dolly Madison without the cupcakes!

A hundred years from now, school kids will act out Joe Wilson’s great moment, wearing little red neckties made of construction paper.

Then last night, I see some rapper guy interrupting a poor little singer girl when SHE was giving a speech! He was the same rapper who said, “George Bush hates black people!” I hear he does this kind of thing all the time – maybe he hates white people!

But I think this rapper was just imitating his new hero, Joe Wilson!

That lady reporter Maureen Dowdy said Wilson was a racist for yelling, so I guess that rapper must be one too.

Now this rapper’s liberal friends will have to get mad at him now for being rude and racist.

Yep, I’ll be waiting for that to happen, right around the same time my pigs sprout wings and start flying around my barn!

Great stuff.  The funniest thing is the comment section.  The wingnuts don’t seem to get that the whole column is a goof. 

Then again, maybe the comments are fake, too, and I’m the idiot.

Whatever — it’s still funny.



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