Posted by: Rick | Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chuck Grassley’s Brass Balls

C-SPAN junkies know quite well that Chuck Grassley is no rocket scientist.  His IQ score can be found at the far left edge of the Republican bell curve (though as long as James Inhofe stalks the Senate cloak room, Chuck is in no danger of being named World’s Dumbest Legislator.)

But stupid as he is, Grassley is a pretty damn good politician.  He knows he can get away with this:

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said he “resents” some of the things the administration and President Obama said and did during the August recess. In particular, Grassley took umbrage with President Obama attaching him to the death panel controversy. He said it was something he “took very personally.”. . .

Referring to the summer controversy about “death panels,” Grassley said, “He gave some speeches during August in which he was associating me with efforts to make this a political document and efforts that other people in the country were making to give extremes, like on the end-of-life situation and associating me with things — I [never] used the words he said.

In the town hall hatefests, Grassley was clearly and cleverly trying to scare people about “death panels.”  But he knows he can say whatever he wants be given a pass.

By all accounts, Chuck is very popular in the Senate and with the media.  And he’s more than willing to exploit his midwestern, not-too-bright, “ordinary guy-ness” to disseminate whatever lie his party needs disseminated — and to come out playing the victim when he’s called on it.

All hail the Chuckster!  The man knows how to exploit his limitations.

Update 9/22:   Grassley may be dumber than Inhofe after all.  He’s certainly a lot grumpier.  At the Finance Committee markup of the Baucus health-care stinkbomb, shown live on C-SPAN tonight, I just watched the Chuckster get schooled by Bill Nelson on a key point about the donut hole in Bush’s prescription drug monstrosity.  Chuck huffed and puffed, but finally just slumped down in his chair and fumed in silence.  He may need more nap time tomorrow.




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