Posted by: Rick | Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Health Care, Failure IS An Option

Any self-proclaimed deficit hawk — yes, I mean you, Kent Conrad — must support the public option on health care.  It’s essential if we want to “bend the cost curve” — which is precisely why insurance companies oppose it.  They’d like to bend the curve in the other direction by gouging the millions of new customers they’re about to get.

All right — so Conrad, Baucus,  et al. are shameless, fraudulent whores.   We knew that.  But Digby wonders if they even care about their own party:

The idea that these alleged Democrats would actually insist that uninsured people be forced by law to write huge checks to to the loathed insurance companies is mind-boggling.  They seem intent upon taking what should be an historic progressive achievement and turning it into a hated, regressive tax on their own constituents, which is so politically obtuse I don’t know how to process it.

The only thing that explains it is that they don’t actually care about partisan political power at all.  They won’t personally lose their jobs. Even if the whole progressive philosophy is discredited and millions of people turn to the alternative it has no bearing on them.  They carry on no matter who is in the majority or in the White House.  Many of them are in the leadership themselves, so there is no pressure to work for the greater good of the party as a whole.  The problem seems to be that political considerations and consequences are irrelevant to the political system.  What do we do about that?

The Democratic Party is rotting from within.  There are just too many Kent Conrads in positions of authority.  I’m beginning to think progressives might be better off killing the health care bill rather than allowing a Baucus-ized peice of shit to become law.

At some point, the public is going to demand real health care reform.  The situation may have to get so bad that single-payer becomes our only option.

One thing is clear: the Democratic Party of today is fundamentally incapable of doing the right thing for its own sake.  Perhaps it needs to be fumigated by suffering an electoral collapse of its own making.



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