Posted by: Rick | Friday, September 25, 2009

More Kent Conrad Doublespeak

Here’s the Senator from Aetna in an interview with Ezra Klein:

For our senior citizens, we have adopted the model that is closest to the Canadian model. But there are serious issues with that model if it spreads society-wide in terms of waiting times.  I don’t think that fits American culture.  [Emphasis added]

What the fuck is he talking about?  Is he saying that dumb-ass senior citizens can have their “socialism,” but us young, rugged individualists won’t be happy unless the insurance companies continue to gouge us to death?  That’s a nonstarter, Kent.  Why don’t you try fixing the system for everybody, and leaving your Republican ideology at the door.

Conrad goes on:

I don’t think a government-run plan best fits this culture. A plan that’s not government-run has the best chance of succeeding in being passed into law.

That’s because people like you are bought and paid for, Senator.  You’re the problem here.  You and your fellow Republicans.



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