Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jumping the Shark, Bob Somerby Edition

The Daily Howler is one of the seminal blogs, but its author has taken his “Socratic” posts to absurd levels of nitpicking.  Here he is landing on Jonathan Alter for not referencing right-wing racism to his own strict specifications:

Cracker, please!  Of course we liberals have been suggesting that anyone who disagrees with Obama is doing so for racial reasons.  In comment sections, unschooled liberals come out and say it. Skilled professionals, like Jonathan Alter, play the game like this:

MADDOW (9/15/09): The implication being, from President Carter, you know — Sure, presidents all face opposition.  A lot of them face unhinged opposition.  But for President Obama, it’s different because of race.  What did you think about that comment and what the reaction to it will be?

ALTER: Well, I think he’s right.  Not in every case.  It’s very important to say that many, maybe most people who oppose President Obama do not do so on the basis of race.

So fair — and so balanced! And so in love with the smell of racism!

Talk about angels dancing on the head of a pin!  Chill out, Bob.  Alter is essentially correct, and you know it (I hope).  Save the textual analysis for Ulysses.

The Daily Howler is still worth checking out, but a lot of it is just busy work.



  1. Busywork? Bob is right & you are stupid.


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