Posted by: Rick | Monday, October 5, 2009

Laura Ingraham Is Gleeful — And Making No Sense

Sometimes it’s not easy being a right-wing radio host. 

Science has shown that Laura Ingraham’s IQ is 49 points higher than Sean Hannity’s.  Yet her exalted position in the wingnut firmament requires her to peddle the Hannity line no matter how stupid it is.

Today she’s arguing that Barack Obama wasted his time trying to get the Olympics for America.  She says Rio de Janeiro has it locked up anyway, so Obama just made the country look weak by failing so publicly.

Come on, Laura.  You’re the one doing the America-bashing here.  We’re not a nation of quitters!  And let’s get real: Is there a chance in hell that if Obama had stayed home, you wouldn’t be trashing him for it right now?

You can do better than this, Laura.  I suggest you make a clean break with the Sean Hannitys of the world and stake out a position as leader of the “New Intelligent Conservatism.”  It would be a gamble, but you might go down in history as something other than a Republican shill.

For my part, I must admit an ulterior motive in suggesting this course of action.  The prospect of wingnut heads exploding from coast to coast at Halloween would be most entertaining. 

Warning: the following video is not for everybody.




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