Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All Hands On Deck: Republican Chickenhawk Alert

Oh, how they love a man in uniform!  Rush Limbaugh is gushing over General Stanley McChrystal:

This is not just Afghanistan; we get rolled over there and it’s over. And I think this guy, a trained general, takes it very seriously. I think he’s scared to death of what he’s dealing with, folks, I really do, and I think that’s why he leaked his report. And I’m just guessing — wild guess — but I think this general’s scared to death of what he’s dealing with and a commander in chief who has no foreign policy. All he does is make international trips, give campaign speeches aimed at promoting himself. When he makes decisions about foreign policy they’re counter-intuitive. By that I mean he embraces the killers and thugs and the dictators and he lectures and, worse, he admonishes our allies, the small-d democrats that are our allies around the world.

Limbaugh’s pilonidal cyst prevented him from going all Rambo in Vietnam, and he feels guilty about it.  Barack Obama represents the “weakness” he despises in himself, and he longs for a military savior to take away the locus of his pain.

Of course, there’s more at work here than mere fetishism. Last week Newsmax columnist John L Perry gave the right-wing game away when he wrote approvingly of a possible military coup to save the country from Obama.  This kind of dangerous authoritarian thinking lurks just beneath the surface of the most extreme elements of modern American conservatism.



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