Posted by: Rick | Monday, October 19, 2009

FOX News vs. The Truth

“Thank you, sir — may I have another?” 

The pundits think the Obama Administration should take its beating from Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes like good little pledges.  Here’s a sampling of their concern, from the FOX website:

Observers on both sides of the political aisle questioned the White House’s decision to continue waging war on a news organization, saying the move carried significant political risks. 

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile said on CNN: “I don’t always agree with the White House.  And on this one here I would disagree.” 

David Gergen, who has worked for Democratic and Republican presidents, said: “I totally agree with Donna Brazile.”  Gergen added that White House officials have “gotten themselves into a fight they don’t necessarily want to be in.  I don’t think it’s in their best interest.” 

“The faster they can get this behind them, the more they can treat Fox like one other organization, the easier they can get back to governing, and then put some people out on Fox,” Gergen said on CNN.  “I mean, for goodness sakes, you know, you engage in the debate.”  [Emphasis added]

People like Gergen and Brazile survive in Washington by paying strict attention to protocol and process.  When Gergen urges the White House to “engage in the debate”, please understand that he doesn’t care about the end result.  He’ll do fine no matter what legislative horrors are inflicted on the American people.  His job is to straddle the middle.

For David Gergen and his beltway brethren, both sides in every debate must be respected.  Even if one side is full of shit.  Even if one side is lying.

The Obama Administration isn’t attacking FOX because they think the network is partisan.  They’re attacking FOX because they think the network is spreading lies.  It’s really that simple.  They want to destroy FOX’s credibility, and I applaud the effort.

This is a preemptive war against an opponent whose primary aim is to make it impossible to have an honest debate on any current or future issue.  I see no reason to call a truce anytime soon.



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