Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Olympia Snowe’s Monstrous Ego

Who died and left this drama queen the Republican capo di tutti capi?  That pulled-back hairdo of hers must be affecting the flow of oxygen to her brain:

I plan to continue to work with centrists to make improvements to the bill, whether I support it or not.  I will certainly work toward that end.  But it sends an unfortunate message about how people deal with bipartisanship.  It’s regrettable in terms of abandoning bipartisanship, for all practical purposes here.  That’s the sad truth from it all in what’s happened.  It truly is a sad commentary on the political system today and where we stand.  [Emphasis added]

How did this country ever manage to govern itself before Olympia Snowe arrived in Washington to represent the entire goddamned Republican Party and all the ships at sea?

What a pompous toolette.



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