Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Political Percentages

Blue Dog Democrats in the pocket of the insurance industry: 90%

Blue Dog Democrats who care about saving money for the taxpayers: 5%

“Centrist” Senators (Republican and Democrat) in the pocket of the insurance industry: 100%

“Centrist” Senators who care about saving money for the taxpayers: 0%

Chance that Joe Lieberman will support a Republican health care filibuster: 10%

Chance that Joe Lieberman will win re-election in 2012: 2%

Republicans Senators who would support a public option if the CBO said it would eliminate the deficit: 0%

Republican Congressmen who would support the same: 10%

Living Republican ex-presidents who have heard of the “opt-out” proposal on health care: 50%

Republican legislators who have ever given any serious thought to health care reform: 20%

Proportion of said legislators who are currently reading only from the Frank Luntz anti-Obama political playbook: 95%

Bill O’Reilly viewers receiving Medicare benefits: 75%

Bill O’Reilly viewers strongly opposed to a “government takeover” of health care: 99%



  1. EVERYONE is in the pocket of somebody. If it’s not the the insurance companies, its the pharmaceuticals. If not them, the unions. If not unions, it’s corporations like GE (re: Tom Daschle). You don’t think any one of the Democrats now have their eye on that kind of prize? The “holier than thou” arguments between D’s and R’s are just smoke and mirrors right now for what I think is a purely political agenda at this point. Why is it again that we don’t see Tort Reform in any of the bills?

    I agree with your other posts in that we need to “get this thing done”, and I think we needed a (D) President and a (D)-stacked Congress to do it, but to say that the Dems are the saints and saviors here, that may be going a bit too far. Short of killing the bill, which I hope they don’t do, the Blue Dogs and Centrists may be the only check and balance against a party who has a painful history of not looking at the final numbers when it comes to their social agendas.

    Btw, two stats you left out:
    “Amount of Fraud that occurs in Medicare: $80b”, and “Percentage of fraud that occurs as a result of government involvement: 95%”


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