Posted by: Rick | Saturday, October 31, 2009

Liebermania: How Low Will Joe Go?

To anyone interested in the character of public men, Joe Lieberman is the most contemptible politician of our time. 

Countless Senators and Congressmen — as we all know — have no principles.  (Integrity is not required to win an election.)  But even the most transparent hacks usually manage to conduct themselves with a modicum of dignity.  Sure, they’ll wet their beaks from time to time with a bit of honest graft.  They may even become shameless influence peddlers shortly after leaving office.  But how many of them actually go out of their way to fuck over their own constituents when they don’t have to?  And all out of spite and vanity?

Do you remember Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords?  He left the Republican Party to caucus with the Democrats.  The wingnuts are trashing him as a traitor to this day, but Jeffords never became the ridiculous cartoon character that Lieberman now is.

I still think Holy Joe will end up voting for cloture on the Democratic health care bill.  He’s not stupid enough (or brave enough) to risk being branded forever as the ultimate political scumbag.  But I’d have more respect for him if I thought his next career would be as a high-priced lobbyist.  At least then he’d be providing for his family. 

But Joe’s no cheap Republican crook.  He surely has loftier ambitions. . .

“Mr. Independent” will spend the rest of his life getting his pasty white ass kissed by the likes of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and the unspeakably moronic morons at FOX and Friends. . . .

Oh, Joe!  Tell us again how you stood up to Barack Obama and the Democratic commies!

(Al Gore can’t be enjoying this spectacle.  No wonder he got out of politics.  He’s embarrassed at his ex-running mate — the evil spawn of Campaign 2000.)



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