Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Scoreboard: Sanity 1, Teabaggers 0

In his concession speech after losing to Democrat Bill Owens in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, Republican-Conservative Doug Hoffman said:

“I hope what I have shown you and the rest of the world is that you don’t have to be polished, you don’t have to be poised and you don’t have to be a rock star to be a politician,” he said to supporters in Saranac Lake. “All of us can step up to the plate and do it, so let’s do it.”

Okay, Doug.  You don’t have to be polished.  But you don’t have to win, either.  If you’d like to win, you might want to show a passing interest in the problems of your district.  Righteous teabagger anger is a major turnoff for un-Hannitized voters.

The Republicans have a dilemma.  They need teabagger votes, but they can’t put up teabagger candidates.  They’ll go down in flames in all but the reddest of districts.

This is great news for progressives.  Teabaggers won’t like getting the short end of the stick from Republican corporatist bosses.  They’ll demand — and get — their share of extremist candidates, which will make it easier for liberals to get elected in swing districts.  A revitalized progressive movement might then start to purge the Democratic party of its most despicable Blue Dogs and begin shifting the “center” in American politics back to the left.

So I say to Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and the usual gang of idiots: Let a thousand teabags swing!  You’re doing your country a great service.



  1. I think you have the “Republican dilemma” bang-on, and I appreciate you distinguishing between corporatist and capitalist. Curious, though, what your beef is with Blue Dogs? Was trying to find other posts with your position on them. Does it have to do with corruption?

  2. Blue Dog Democrats are Republican Lite. They claim to be deficit hawks, but when the CBO concludes that the public option will help lower the cost of health care, they head for the hills. They’re addicted to campagn contributions from the insurance industry.

    Here’s some more: Most Blue Dogs voted for the disastrous Republican tax cuts and off-budget wars that got us into this deficit hole in the first place. Their pious whining about “fiscal responsibility” is laughable.

    Blue Dogs are basically lobbyists-in-training who can’t cut it in the Republican Party snakepit. And the worst part is that these borderline criminals get to define the “center” in American poilitics. That has to stop.

  3. Thanks. Just wanted to better understand your position. I’d like to see a new “center” defined – I think both the left and the right are way off in gagaland to nobody’s benefit on that one.

  4. oops – insert “far” before “left” and “right” in that last reply.


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