Posted by: Rick | Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Final Post On Today’s Teabagger Extravaganza At The Capitol

With an economically shell-shocked nation having just witnessed what seemed to this viewer like a thousand nauseating little speeches delivered (poorly!) by every corrupt Republican cretin and conservative political hack currently roaming the corridors of power in Washington D.C., is it possible that the mainstream media will stop pretending that the Rick Santelli-spawned teabagger movement of 2009 is anything other than a wholly-owned subsidiary of a terminally right-wing and borderline dangerous GOP bent on the ultimate destruction of all government programs that might conceivably benefit an American citizen not already filthy rich and obcenely happy (or at least one not mysteriously content with finding enough home-grown enemies to fear and loathe as he or she makes his or her way to the bottom of the Spencerian economic supply-side heap created and maintained by Ronald Reagan and his twenty-first century wingnut descendants on and off Wall Street)?  Or are the crazy-ass teabaggers actually going to be running the Republican Party Political Asylum and Halfway House for Tax-Cut Addicted Capitalist Tools in perpetuity?



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