Posted by: Rick | Saturday, November 14, 2009

Haven’t Republicans Ever Seen “Lockup”?

To hear these armchair warriors tell it, Guantanamo detainees are nothing short of invincible X-Men who laugh at our lavender laws and puny prisons:

“There are still terrorists around the world who are committed to killing Americans and destroying our way of life, and some of those terrorists are being held at the Guantanamo Bay prison right now,” [House Minority Leader John] Boehner said. “I have urged the Administration to finally present to the American people its plan for what to do with the terrorists held at Guantanamo and for confronting and defeating the global terrorist threat.”
“This Administration has refused to present such a plan, and today’s decision further reinforces the fact that it continues to put the interests of liberal special interest groups before the safety and security of the American people,” Boehner said.

Now listen here, Johnny Boner: I, for one, pantywaist liberal though I am, refuse to cower behind by my duct tape.  I’m going to trust the power of American supermax incarceration to protect me from the crafty Storms, vicious Wolverines and implacable Cyclopes about to face trial in Manhattan.

And you, sir, might want to stiffen your own spine before you advocate sending any more young Americans off to get killed.



  1. To me this has nothing to do with Bohner, has little do to with the quality of security at either institution, and we’re hardly talking about fictional comic book characters here.

    It has more to do with some Americans insisting on treating foreign terrorists like US citizens and whether those terrorists deserve, in principle, to be housed on continental US soil.

    Perhaps guys like Bohner are siding less with Bush, as you seem to make it sound like, and is siding more with the same views that that families of the victims also have?

    99% of Guantanamo is simply about Bush-hating, and the sick fact that the far left seems to relate more to their foreign Bush-hater brethren than US citizens who happen to have a letter behind their name other than a “D”. They seem far more ready to rush to their defense of “due process” for non US citizens than to be considerate and acknowledge the views and wishes that many of the US victims and their families have regarding the very people responsible for the death of their loved ones. You seem to be very preoccupied with whether or not those views expressed come from an -R or a -D?

    Can I be certain that all the victims aren’t Bush-haters, too? No, but I feel fairly safe in saying that they have no trouble calling them “terrorists”, that they would prefer these terrorists to be housed off US domestic soil, and I’m pretty sure they could care less how many blankets they get at bed time or how much TV time they get during the day. I’m sure they also don’t care what country these terrorists see when they look outside the window of their cell, either. So why are we even arguing Guantanamo vs. Supermax, or the goofballs on either side of the issue?

    Do you think that references to cartoon characters (although I know it was tongue-in-cheek) or constant references to dipshit politicians skirt the real issue and reduce it (once again) to partisan politics?

  2. I have nothing but respect for the victims of 9/11, but they shouldn’t be making U. S. policy (although quite a few of them seem to be happy that the murderers will be tried at the scene of the crime).

    There’s a defensible case that alleged terrorists shouldn’t be given the same rights as American citizens, but I don’t think Boehner is interested in making it. He wants to resurrect the Bush-era fearmongering that got Republicans elected and masked their looting of the treasury to pay for their misbegotten wars.

    Do terrorists want to “destroy our way of life”? Who cares what they want? Are we not men — and women? Must we corrupt our own legal system just so John Boehner (one of the top three Republicans on Earth!) can look (by his own twisted lights) tough? (Note: This isn’t just a left-wing view. Grover Norquist and Bob Barr — who are about as conservative as you can get — are also sick of the GOP fear card and are fully confident in American justice to keep us safe):

    And finally: This is a partisan political blog. I make no bones about my contempt for the Republican Party. Ronald Reagan turned his back on the New Deal principles (note my FDR avatar!) that made this country great following World War War II, and the sheep all followed. I’m not going to be fair and balanced here — at least not until conservatism rediscovers both Keynesian economics and social responsibility.

    (Alleged Democrats who act like Republicans are fair game as well. There’s a lot at stake these days.)

  3. I enjoy the posts and the viewpoints nonetheless. Thanks!


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