Posted by: Rick | Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wingnuts On Facebook

Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has supplanted Steve King (R-IA) as my favorite Republican extremist.  And now I find that he has a Facebook page

Here’s an interesting comment from one of his groupies:

We must have radical conservative change to save this country.  How can we (thru our representatives in Washington) bring this about?  Tell us how this works.  How can we help you and how are you and others there in DC fighting the good fight to save our constitutional way of life?  We need more statesmanship and less just waiting to vote.  We must bring true debate and influence back to the House and Senate.  I was appalled on my last visit there to observe the process in the galleries.  I agree with Dwayne Horner on Senator Hutchinson. She has become only part of the system as is — a bureaucrat.

This teabagger wants action and she wants it now.  Actual voting, however, seems to be optional.  “True debate and influence” will get the job done.

That sounds a little scary (I think I smell a beer hall putsch), but I wish Congressional Democrats displayed such a sense of political urgency.  We could use it.



  1. “We must bring true debate”

    God I’d love some true debate in congress. Instead of debating health care, one side screams “death panel” the other screams “nuh-uh” and we’re left with a house vote that allowed only three amendments on the floor.

  2. When Republicans win elections, they ram through their tax cuts and other wrongheaded policies. I don’t like it, but it’s their prerogative. They won, and they have the majority.

    Democrats should do likewise without apology. All of Obama’s “reaching out” to Republicans got him exactly nowhere and only muddied the waters.


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