Posted by: Rick | Saturday, November 21, 2009

Republican Health Care Cliff Notes

I’ve been watching a parade of Republican Senators speak out against the health care bill this morning, and I’ve boiled their objections down to a few bullet points:

1. The bill is too long.  It’s like 2000 pages or something.  Sheesh.  Give us a break!

2. The bill raises taxes.

3. It’s a government takeover of one-sixth of our economy.  Our freedom will be in danger if the insurance companies don’t get to hold our lives in their hands unencumbered by a bunch of pesky laws (see reason 1).

4. They’re going to cut Medicare. 

4a. They’re going to tamper with the subsidies insurance companies get for Medicare Advantage.

5. Did I mention that they’re going to raise taxes?  Well, they are!  They’re going to raise taxes to the tune of fifty gazillion dollars!

6. The bill increases the deficit.  (Left unspoken: Why don’t they do like us Republicans did with the prescription drug bill and not even try to pay for it?  Or why don’t they just put the whole damn thing off-budget like we did with Dubya’s wars?  The Democrat Party is so stupid sometimes!)

One thing the Republicans aren’t talking about is how to stop the abuses of the insurance industry and make quality health care available to more Americans.  That’s probably because their plan sucks in that regard, and everyone knows it.

After this bill gets passed, Democrats really need to make these jokers pay a political price for the nonsense they’re spouting today.



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