Posted by: Rick | Thursday, December 24, 2009

David Broder’s Planet

Don’t go there.  It harbors no intelligent life:

Obama has not intervened with a heavy hand as the [health care] bill has moved through the House and Senate, but now it is time for him to act.

It would help a lot if he reached out personally to those few Republicans who might still want to improve the bill rather than sink it.  And it would help even more if he shamed the Democrats into rescinding some of the crasser bargains they made to buy votes along the way.

The country would welcome even a few signs that this legislation has bipartisan support.

Then we could applaud its final passage and take our thumbs from our noses. [Emphasis added]

Your thumb can exit your nose, David, but your head will still be up your ass.  Earth to Broder: Olympia Snowe ain’t votin’ for nothin’!  And even if she does, Mitch McConnell and the teabagging Republicans aren’t going to stop spreading lies and stoking fear.  It’s what they do.  They want to be irrelevant.

So lace your Christmas egg nog with brandy, Dean Broder, and nod off dreaming of bipartisan sugarplum wingnuts.  The rest of us will try to get this bill across the finish line and make it better in the process.



  1. RE:The rest of us will try to get this bill across the finish line and make it better in the process.

    Will the Republicans be invited to participate this time?

    Who will make it better and in whose vision will it be better?

    You slam Broder for holding up a mirror to reflect the facts of the matter while editorializing about it.

    • The republicans were invited last time. Remember back in March?
      The simple truth is this bill will save money while also saving lives.
      Broder is an idiot.

  2. Elections matter. Republicans are in the minority. The undemocratic filibuster is all they can cling to. Ergo: Screw ’em.

    Obama and the Democrats made a big mistake with the Max Baucus bipartisan “super committee”. It was all a waste of time, because asking a Republican to help fix health care is like asking a vegetarion to cook a steak dinner. They don’t believe in the project to begin with! Their ideology dictates that “free markets” rule, and that government is incompetent by definition.

    To repeat: Screw ’em. We’ll see them at the polls.

    The Broder-esque fetish for “bipartisanship” is a Washington phenomenon. Few people outside the beltway care about it. It’s process over substance.


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