Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nigerian Underpants Bomber: Where’s The Fear?

Maybe it’s just my circle of friends, family and co-workers, but I haven’t heard a single person mention the latest incident of attempted terror.

And I’m not very interested in this story, either.  (In a strange way, any attack involving undergarments rather than nukes almost seems like good news.) 

Sorry, FOX.  Sorry, wingnuts.  Call us bad citizens, but we’re carrying on irregardless of the danger!

“Fair, balanced — and unafraid.” — Brit Hume



  1. These security rules are getting stupider. No getting up the last hour of the flight? No reading books? I do not think that will make anyone safer. How about focusing on how to keep the explosives from getting on the plane!

  2. Quite correct. The public has moved well beyond Republican grandstanders who remain nostalgic for the golden age of post-9/11 fearmongering.

    Let’s have more calm, practical security measures and less political hysteria.

  3. I agree. Keep any sort of weapons off a plane and we won’t need to care what religion, color, or origin a person is to be 100% safe in the air.


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