Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How Many Teabaggers Live In Connecticut?

It’s full of Nutmeggers, not Wingnuts.  Yet here’s what Republican Rob Simmons seems compelled to say as he slobbers over the Senate nomination:

Though he had a relatively moderate voting record in Congress, Mr. Simmons has recently made efforts to court conservatives.  He said he carries a “tea bag” in his pocket, in reference to the anti-big-government activist movement, and he has apologized for supporting cap-and-trade and union-friendly legislation in the House.  [Emphasis added]

A tea bag in your pocket.  Okay.  Whatever, Rob.

This may be the Democrats’ not-so-secret weapon in November.  Make fun of her all you want, but Sarah Palin is the most influential Republican in the country right now.  And she’s . . . unpredictable.

If alleged Republican “moderates” are forced to get the Palin seal of approval to run for office, they’ll be in trouble in states where sanity has yet to be outlawed.



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