Posted by: Rick | Friday, January 8, 2010

Of Mice and Republicans

There’s my political cartoon for the year.  (It’s not very good, but it gets the point across.)

Today’s lackluster employment report should give policy makers the ammunition they need to propose a bold job creation program.  Here’s who Democrats ought to be listening to:

[James] Galbraith downplayed the budget implications of this new borrowing.  “You pay too much attention to those voices” who worry about rising debt-to-GDP ratios.  “Those numbers are financial artifacts,” and “the problem to focus on is the 14 million unemployed,” Galbraith said.   He noted that the debt-to-GDP ratio hit 100% of GDP after World War II, and that period was followed by a huge period of U.S. economic growth.  In a later session, Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel laureate, warned against “deficit fetiishism,” and said government spending could go to productivity-improvement investments, such as environmental technology.  [Emphasis added]

Unfortunately, stiff Democratic spines remain in short supply in Washington.  The idea that any Republican has any credibility on budgetary matters is laughable.  But too many lazy Democrats would rather snuggle up to the hand-wringing deficit hawks in the media than smack down the fiscal hypocrites in the GOP and fight for American workers.

After all, what’s more important to a political hack?  More jobs for Americans, or a pat on the head from the pundits before climbing halfway into bed with John Boehner (who wants unemployment to rise this year) and choking off an economic recovery before it begins?

Hey, Democrats: Just this once, could you try not meeting Republicans in the middle of the chasm?  They really and truly want you to crash and burn.



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