Posted by: Rick | Saturday, January 9, 2010

“So — Other Than That, How Did You Like The Play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

That Rudy Giulliani forgot 9/11 occurred shortly after one of President George W. Bush’s long summer vacations isn’t going to hurt America’s Mayor with the wingnuts.  Amnesia, hypocrisy and the “big lie” are their stock in trade:

At least up until recently, the Bush defenders portrayed his record as “no attacks on the U.S. under Bush’s watch after 9-11.” But now, with the passage of more time, the defenders are growing bolder in their attempts to rewrite history. Now they want to completely erase the Bush administration’s responsibility for the failures leading up to 9-11, to say nothing of the other terrorist attacks carried out or attempted during that time, including the anthrax attacks and the 2002 attack at the El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport.

Forgetting 9-11 is bad enough. Rewriting its history for political gain is utterly shameful.

Correctamundo, Fonzie.  Giuliani may be backpedaling now, but in a few days, look for Sean Hannity to start muddying the waters with a softball Rudy “interview” chock full of fresh lies and Clinton-smearing innuendo.

Right-wingers live in a parallel universe.  Sarah Palin is still flapping her gums (with Hannity, of course) about Obama’s health care “death panels”.

Wingnuts know that the mainstream media has neither the time nor the inclination to clean up their innumerable piles of bullshit.  The more they shovel, the more the truth can be rendered unknowable — and irrelevant.

Power is all.



  1. Wanna talk big lie? How about the Dem’s claim for openness? Lies. How about their promise for inclusion and “the most bi-partisan congress”? More lies. This bunch of Dems are hypocrites. They are liars and they have no integrity.

    • Yeah but what does the democratic congress have to do with this blog post? Kind of just diverting attention to something more easy and satisfying to scrutinize. I do give you credit for what you appear to be saying which is the congress is being too partisan and not specifically Obama. Hard to say during the health care debate especially Obama did not at least try to get Republican ideas and votes(gang of six, Obama constantly referring to Grassley’s positive involvement in town hall meetings then Grassley basically says the “death panels” are real, or Obama’s satisfaction with Snowe’s vote in finance committee). Can easily be argued he was handing out to much of an olive branch for a party that was basically going to vote no no matter what was in the bill.

      Unfortunately Washington politics is broken. For example the public option is viewed as a left wing postion. However a good majority of americans support it. The public option is really a moderate postion. A left wing position would be single payer and a right wing one would be a full private sector health system. So people like Howard Dean who in Vermont was viewed as a moderate and constantly angered liberals when he was governor, is now viewed in Washington as a far left liberal and that is the message that gets out to america and it is wrong.


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