Posted by: Rick | Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wanted: An Obama “State Of The Union” Oratorical Pivot

During the brutal Clinton-Obama Wars of 2008 Taylor Marsh was the go-to Hillary voice in the blogosphere.  She coined a derogatory phrase for a bad Obama speech that’s more pertinent today than ever: word fog.

With the adoring crowds and fawning media of the presidential campaign now just specks in his rear-view mirror, it’s critical for Obama to retool his message delivery system.  In 2009 his chilly public persona came to the fore with a vengeance.  In February’s State Of The Union Address he needs to set a new tone.

Bill Clinton could deliver the kind boring, laundry-list policy speech that the public loved and the media hated.  But times were better then, and Clinton’s gift for projecting empathy was unmatched.   (That the Republican Party was hopelessly mired in the muck of an absurd impeachment helped, too.  They were transparently unfit to govern.)

Barack Obama can’t be Bill Clinton.  Urgent matters require him to lead, and he’d better not continue coming across as the detached professor you tuned out every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM.  Not with the economy still weak and the Republican sharks circling.

Obama’s high water mark last year was probably his aggressive September health care address to Congress.  Unfortunately, he quickly went back into his shell, emerging every fortnight or so to listlessly enunciate a fuzzy “principle”.

In his SOTU address Obama needs to come out swinging.  No more word fogs.  Indeed, no more word fogs for the rest of the year.  Their “sell by” dates have long expired.   

The Republican Party circa 2010 is serving the Democratic President a nice, juicy pinata full of Palinized teabaggers and their radical ideas.  They say they want a revolution? 

Well — give them one!



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