Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poli Sci 101?

Imagine a country with two political parties.  Party X has been in charge for eight years and is very unpopular, having brought the country to the brink of depression and having waged an expensive, unnecessary war.  (Note: When Party Y was in power, peace and prosperity reigned.)

An election comes.  What overarching promise should Party Y make to the voters? 

a) To build on the achievements of Party X.

b) To pursue different policies — as spelled out in the campaign — than Party X had pursued.

c) To change the political process so that whatever policies are implemented, both parties are given a chance to participate.

Imagine that Party Y chooses c).

Following its electoral defeat Party X wants to get back into power as soon as possible.  What should be its overarching strategy?

a) To work closely with Party Y in a spirit of constructive bipartisanship.

b) To revamp — in a serious way — its own governing philosophy and attendant policy proposals.

c) To fight Party Y at every turn, thus making it impossible for Party Y to fulfill its overarching campaign promise to the voters.

Party X should choose c).  And  that’s pretty much where we are today in the USA.



  1. However true this is, the drama happening within the Democratic Party is doing more to prevent Obama from achieving his campaign promises than the Republicans could ever do. Just look at health care: Republicans have been literally shut out of the process, yet look at the abortion the Dems have created on their own.

    If Obama is truly about listening to the entire country, then he needs the voices of the entire country to be heard whether he agrees with them or not, and last I checked he didn’t win with a 100% majority.

    Your rhetoric has suggested the Republicans be completely left out as the “losers”, but how can any American truly want that when it’s obvious the Dems can’t achieve anything for themselves – even with a stacked deck?

  2. My point was political.

    Do Democrats stand for anything? If they do, they’d better make it clear to the public or Republicans will fill the void with their own propaganda.

    Mealy-mouthed bipartisanship impresses no one outside the Washington Post editorial room.

  3. Gotcha, and I agree.


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