Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Barack Obama: The Seinfeld President

Welcome to Year Zero.  Josh Marshall after the Massachusetts debacle:

What the Democrats — and a lot of this is on the White House — have done is get so deep into the inside game of legislative maneuvering, this and that ‘gang’ of senators and a lot of other nonsense that they’ve let themselves out of sync with the public mood and the people’s needs.

The president needs to find way to say, we’ve heard you.  We’ve gotten so focused on working the Washington channels to get this thing done and we need to be more focused on the public’s mood and urgency.  Well, we’ve heard you.  We’re going to stop playing around and get this thing done.  And then we’re going to work on getting Americans back to work.  We know the urgency of the moment and we know you expect results.

This was always going to be the danger for Democrats in electing Barack Obama: that we’d get a presidency about nothing.  It’s why I supported Hillary Clinton to the bitter end and beyond. 

You can’t legislate hope.  You can’t make Republicans stop trying to destroy you.  You can’t change people’s lives for the better by “letting the process work.”  Your enemies will simply fuck up the process and let you defend the shitpile. 

Bottom line: You can’t beat something with nothing.



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