Posted by: Rick | Thursday, January 21, 2010

Attention, Democrats: Don’t Fear The Teabagger!

A teabagger is simply the desiccated carcass of a nineties-era Clinton-hater reanimated by massive injections of Glenn Beck’s crazy-ass revolutionary gobbledygook.

Teabaggers have a lot of bone-headed energy, but they’ve reached the end of the line as an independent agent. As demonstrated in Massachusetts, Republican leaders have successfully assimilated the teabaggers into the party Borg, from whence they’ll be dispatched to offer unwitting on-the-ground muscle for corporatist politicians. In short, the teabaggers are going to be used like Kleenex.

Republicans have no intention of rolling back “big government” in any meaningful way. They’re not stupid enough to meddle with either the existing middle-class entitlements enjoyed by their “libertarian” shock troops or the corporate welfare demanded by their Wall Street paymasters. All that GOP¬†politicians have to do to keep the goose-steppers in line is to occasionally call for the closing of a government museum or rail against some anti-poverty program that benefits “unproductive” Americans. Instant grass-roots enthusiasm.

If Democrats sit back like statues and don’t use the teabaggers’ rage and radicalism to discredit Republicans, they’ll continue to lose political ground. But teabaggerism itself is already a spent force.



  1. What is interesting is none of the tea party protesters are talking about the banks that caused this huge recession and demanding reform. They are solely focused on government spending during a recession. Not only that, but people they admire, people like Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin who are viewed as populists; their economic policies would benefit the wealthiest people. Glenn Beck constantly bitches about how the rich pay too much and the poor and middle class do not pay enough income taxes. Go tell that to the teabaggers and see how they react.

  2. Jon, I think you are mischaracteriizing the “teabaggers”. They are not only republicans, but also indepenents and some democrats (a few) that have seen the light. While not a part of that movement i can certainly understand it.

    While taxing the rich more certainly is popular rhetoric with the masses of people who feel they need to blame someone for thier failures, its is not and never has been a successful economic straegy.

    Heaping more taxes on the job creators while creating an even more massive entitlement culture for everyone else is foolish. Democrats have been successful to some extent in making the great unwashed masses of kids that rich people and corporations are the enemy. Sound economic proof shows that lowering tax burdens on corporations and certain wealth insturments stimulates a economy. The entitlement kiddies would have you beleive that every wealthy person and corporation is evil and earned dishonestly..and this is simply not true. Teabaggers seem to understand that massive debt, punishing the job creators, and a stimulus that was not truly designed to “stimulate” is not the way to go. Economic stimulation must be about enabling and incenting businesses to nue to grow and add jobs. While this blog site seems to have a lock on all the little buzzwords it has little do do with understanding the issues.Beck is an entertainer…who cares about what he says. Not sure why he is even mentioned in relation to this…but as I said…its a good buzzword. I could recommend a book to you that is excellent is taking you through economic history…it really enables the reader to understand tax, debt, and the impacts it has on people, jobs, economy….something many democrats and republicans seem to convienently ignore.


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