Posted by: Rick | Thursday, January 28, 2010

John Boehner Gets It — Will Obama?

The Bronzed One is in no danger of ever being abducted by aliens probing the crania of intelligent Earthlings, but he’s well-versed in the tactics of modern, brute-force politics.  Here’s his take on bipartisanship:

When it comes to bipartisan legislation you’ve got to look at the balance.  If the balance leans in our direction, and things that we believe in, I would think that we would support it.  But if we’re going to continue to bail out the states, and continue to pour money into silly government programs that don’t create jobs, I’m going to have a very difficult time supporting it.  [Emphasis added]

Sure, this makes him sound stupid.  Republicans lost in 2008.  But who cares?  At least people know where his party stands.

On the flip side, Democrats should hammer the Boner for being proud of his obstructionism.  Independents may take notice and send him back to the tanning booths of Ohio.



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